Level Current English Language Level CEFR TOEFL IELTS TOEIC
1-      Beginner -Basic Vocabulary
-Can Communicate on a simple level
A1 N/A 2.0-2.25 N/A
2-      Elementary -Basic Grammer

-Can is Communicate well in everday
-Can understand some of what is said

A2 N/A 3.00 200-300
3-      Pre-Intermediate -Can speak limited proficieny
-Able to mantain simple face-to-face conversation on familiar topic.
A3 N/A 3.5-4.5 301-500
4-      Intermadiate –          Can comfortable speak English
-Can understand much of read and hear
B1 60-69 3.5-4.5 501-590
5-      Upper Intermadiate -Can communicate effectively in most situations, discussing and expressing opinions B2 70-84 5.0-6.0 591-730
6-      Advanced –          Can express yourself clearly

–          Have a sound grasp of major tenses and grammatical structures

C1 85-100 6.5-7.0 731-875
7-      Proficiency –          Can use range of language close to that your own language
-No problem undertsanding and communicating
C2 101-120 7.5+ 876-990